(2018 – ongoing )

2018 – Morgan

This project began in the early summer of 2018, with a trip to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer for the yearly gypsy procession.

The event was like every other, with its beginning, its audience, its highlights and its end. Many photographers and even TV crews. I got confused in the moment and didn’t feel like a part of it. I didn’t know the people and I didn’t know the place.

That’s when my host offered me to follow him the next morning to discover the claimed « True Camargue », where he would give chase to bulls in the open fields.
“Too bad you haven’t got a tele-lens” he said.

Today, I can say that he was wrong. Something authentic was taking place in front of my eyes and my wide lens had me to get close to the action to capture even a glimpse of the show. I was in a cloud of dust, men shouting and beasts galloping.
It nourished the memories of my youth. I was at once reliving my summer boyhood, watching Crin Blanc on the telly and reciting Marcel Pagnol.

2018, night race

Exalted, I met the Gardian of the place. We had the same name and age but completely different lifestyles and he invited me to come to photograph more.
Since then, I try to share what I experienced that day, the lightness I feel when I get to this small corner of France and the joy to be passed around like a child. One that has to be so discreet as not to disturb and be able to enjoy the privilege that he is granted.

2019, Untitled